About Us

We are working under the banner of Softangles that is emerging software house in Multan. We are a team of 06 team members who are also a student of the virtual university of Pakistan and are studying in different semesters with computer science course.

Why We Created VUALERT?

Well, when I (admin) joined VU back in 2015, there was little to very few knowledge of how VU works, how to get help in assignments, quizzes and past papers available online so I suffered a lot. I thought why not create a website that could help new emerging talented students and get them where they want to go.  As you know the virtual university of Pakistan is based on Elearning system where students are encouraged to study online with self-study.

We Do not Encourage Copy Pasting

There is a law of nature i.e. struggle, fight or go simply die. We are here to provide a better-organised platform for students to discuss their handout topics without any hesitations because as you know sharing is gaining. So, share your knowledge here and help others students in the exams, quizzes and assignments.

Sometimes, we will post some assignment solution ideas for your help but you will never be asked to submit the assignment as it is. You should always check the provided idea solution and make required changing to it and in case, if you find few mistakes in the solution (that will surely be there) then let admin know immediately so that he can fix it.

You might get banned from our website if you will share direct solution files on the website forums.

Help in Projects

We are professional developers who have been working in the freelancing field from years so if you want to discuss your final year project or want us to make a project for you (that will be paid, of course) then let us know from contact us page or chat or post it in the topics section and we will contact you ASAP.

We are planning to expand this network on a larger scale where VU students can find easy jobs and compensations. I hope we will get a positive response from you guys and we will make a good day together!