ISSB Initial Test Questions

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1. East India Company was abolished in?


2. The State Bank of Pakistan has issued coin of what amount to commemorate the memory of renowned humanitarian Dr Ruth Pfau.


3. The Atomic Bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima on?


4. Mansoor ahmed was a Pakistani goalkeeper. With his winning penalty save, Pakistan won hockey world cup in _______?


5. When was Urdu declared as the official language in British India?


6. Which is the world’s most spoken language?


7. Sir Syed scientific society in Ghazipur in:


8. SCOON has announced to conduct vocational courses for disabled people in Pakistan.This organization belongs to which country?


9. USA consist of___________states?


10. War of independence was fought in:


11. International Court of Arbitration sets minimum flow of __________ m3/sec into the Neelum River.


12. Esat India Company occupy Punjab in:


13. When did Sir Syed wrote his book ‘Asar e Sanadeed’?


14. When was Kashmir sold to Gulab Singh (Dogra Dynasty)?


15. US defense attache’ Col Joseph hall is under investigation due to his involvement in the ________?


16. Who has started Faraizi Movement?


17. In tit-for-tat move, Pakistan has imposed travel ban on the diplomats of which country?


18. Senate elections 2018 was held on


19. When was Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was born?


20. When did Sir Syed Ahmad Khan become the Chief Judge?


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