Privacy Policy

Cookies Collection

We do not ask our users to submit their sensitive information like credit card information, personal phone numbers or home address. We do collect cookies (small chunks of information that is then used to identify your machine when you revisit out site) and help you login automatically without filling your credentials again.

VU  LMS  ID  Policy

VU Alert does not ask you to enter your LMS student ID anywhere in the website registration forms, contact form, application form or login form so if you are sharing your LMS login details with anybody on the website or chat box will not be under our responsibility.

Personal Credentials

You are asked to give your Email address, password and username when you register yourself on VU Alert and we never make your email address or password public to protect your from spammers. Your user name might appear next to your comments or posts.

Outdoor Policy

We do not share your collected cookies data with any other company for any purpose. We are working as an independent education website and sharing your personal data with other websites or companies is against our rules and regulations.

Restricted Content/Audience

This website is dedicated to VU students and jobs seekers only and most of our audience is aged 20+ so some content might be inappropriate for the visitors under 15. (If you are under 15 years of your age then browse our website while an elder one is watching over you).

Chat Policy

You can see our chat plugin popping out from right bottom of the website where you are assigned a random name when you start your conversation with any other user. You can always replace this random name with your real name by clicking setting button present in your chat box.

Do Ad Companies Collect Your Personal Data?

We are currently not monetizing from any ad companies and that is why you don’t need to worry about factor of ad companies collecting your personal data. Once we start monetizing our website with ad companies, we will update our privacy policy and let you know about it (no matter if we are monetized by ad companies we will not share your personal data with them on any cost).

We Use Google Analytic Tool

Yes, we do use google analytic tool to keep a track record of our traffic sources and other elements. Google analytic is a worldwide used tool which may collect your location just to keep a track record of your activities on VU Alert to help us fight cyber crime.

Email Notifications

We may send your email on your provided address about your latest assignments or quiz attempts. Database of these email addresses is not shared with any party and we keep it secure.

NOTE: If you still have any question regarding our privacy policy then ask us here: