Sports Personalities of Pakistan

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1. President International Squash Federation Mr. Jehangir Khan belongs to?


2. How many women player participated in Common Wealth Games 2018 from India?


3. Who was called ‘One Man and his Horse’.————-


4. The famous Cricket player Mushtaq Muhammad belongs to?


5. won the title in both 1971 and 1978 Field Hockey World Cup and was the runner-up in 1975.


6.  Which Team is on No. 4th Position according to the Medal Table in Common Wealth Games 2018?


7. He served as the president for the World Squash Federation from the year 2002-2008.


8. Lt. General Syed Arif Hussain is the President of?


9. Yousaf Khan was a famous player of Snooker (ex World Champion). He belongs to?



The Sacramento Republic Player


11. Jan Sher Khan is a famous player of?


12. Name the Pakistani Sportsperson shown in the picture below


13. Muhammad Saqlain is a famous player of?



Highest wicket taker bowler from Pakistan in one day international cricket is _______?



15. He won the silver medal in 1972 and a Bronze in the 1976 Olympics


16. Kofi Annan is famous throughout the world because?



The Agile Player


18. Which one of the following is the most successful Pakistasni Cricket Team captain of all time?


19. Identify this Person


20. How many silver Medals Pakistan won Common Wealth Games 2018 ?


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