Sports Personalities of Pakistan

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1. Talha Talib Win the Bronze Medal from Pakistan’s Side . Please mention the sport in which he win that medals .


2. The Founder of Pakistan Atomic Program is?


3. Sakandar Mirza was the first President of?


4.  Bangladesh is placed on which number in Common Wealth Games 2018 according to the Medal Table?


5. Who conquering the highest of peaks?


6.  In Wrestling India win how many Gold Medals in Common Wealth Games 2018 .


7. He won the 1982 World Championship for tent pegging in 1982


8. Dr. Abdulslam is known for his Award of?


9. He won the silver medal in 1972 and a Bronze in the 1976 Olympics


10. The forward player was a celebrated sportsman from 1969 to 1978


11. Which of the Pakistani and Indian politician signed the Simla Agreement implicated in the Chara scandal?


12. El Salvador Open 2002, Ottawa Open 2003, Pakistan Open ———, Iranian Open 2007 and Austrian Open in 2008.



The Sacramento Republic Player


14. This amazing player from Pakistan, during his career, won the World Open six times and the British Open a record ten times!


15. Name the Pakistani Sportsperson shown in the picture below.


16. How many silver Medals Pakistan won Common Wealth Games 2018 ?


17. Identify the famous cricket player who has got 514 wickets in one-day internationals?


18. Who presented the National Flag in the Legislative Assembly?


19. President International Squash Federation Mr. Jehangir Khan belongs to?


20. Who was called ‘One Man and his Horse’.————-


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