Sports Personalities of Pakistan

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1. Yousaf Khan was a famous player of Snooker (ex World Champion). He belongs to?


2. El Salvador Open 2002, Ottawa Open 2003, Pakistan Open ———, Iranian Open 2007 and Austrian Open in 2008.


3. Name the Pakistani Sportsperson shown in the picture below.


4. Please mention the number of last rank in Common Wealth Games 2018 in which including Ghanna 5 countriesplaced according to the Medal Table.




6. How many women player participated in Common Wealth Games 2018 from India?


7. Dr. Abdulslam is known for his Award of?


8. Which one of the following is the most successful Pakistasni Cricket Team captain of all time?


9.  Bangladesh is placed on which number in Common Wealth Games 2018 according to the Medal Table?


10. The Headquarters of Pakistan Cricket Board is located at?


11. He won the silver medal in 1972 and a Bronze in the 1976 Olympics


12. He won the 1982 World Championship for tent pegging in 1982


13. Who presented the National Flag in the Legislative Assembly?


14. World Junior Squash Championship title in the year 1986


15.  In Wrestling India win how many Gold Medals in Common Wealth Games 2018 .


16. Dr. Abduslam (Late) is a well-known Pakistani personality in the field of?


17. Official Motto of Common Wealth Games 2018 was _______ .


18. In which Game India win the Most Gold Medals in Common Wealth Games 2018 ?


19. Who is the earl of Wessex who officially closed the Common Wealth Games 2018?


20. Pakistan has a dark green rectangular flag in the proportion of length to width?


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