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VU Quiz is an initiative taken by students of the virtual university of Pakistan. I have seen many people (especially new students) worried about their regular session VU quiz, mid-term MCQ quiz or final term MCQ quiz in exams. There are many online websites that can help you out with your assignments and GDBs but none of them will be able to help you in your quizzes.

So, we have launched this VU Quiz service so you can attempt your test quizzes from this page and prepare for your real LMS quiz.

Important Links To Your Quizzes

1. Take Regular VU Quiz

2.  Take Mid Term Quiz

3. Take Final Term Quiz

How VU Quiz Works?

First of all, you will need to hover over quiz tab in the main menu, where you will see a drop-down, select your quiz type (e.g. regular quiz for your session quiz that com on VU LMS before or after your midterm examination and other types of quizzes are dedicated for midterm and final exams).

Once you have attempted quiz, you will see your result and all possible rights answers. These results will also be emailed to your given address.

you can attempt these test quizzes again and again till your satisfaction and once you are confident about your results then you can simply log in to your LMS account and attempt your real quiz.

General Knowledge Quizzes Along With Vu

No doubt, knowledge is power and it can take you to the limits of the skies. We have not limited our website to virtual university only and that is the reason why we have also created some general knowledge quizzes along with Vu quizzes. From general knowledge quizzes, you will be able to attempt quiz question from geography, history and personalities belong to Pakistan or even from other countries. For example, you can even prepare for competition tests on these quizzes and share them with your friends because knowledge sharing is gaining.

I hope that VU Quiz will help you secure good satisfactory CGPA in your exams.